1. Common Causes of Roof Damage

    When was the last time you paid attention to your roof? Chances are it was the last time you had roof damage. In this blog, the Tuscaloosa roof repair experts at PRN Roofing will discuss the three most common causes of roof damage. Be aware of these causes, and keep your roof in good shape by callin…Read More

  2. Repair or Replace?

    If there’s one thing you know, it’s that your roof has a problem. But is it going to be a quick fix, an extensive repair, or a complete roof replacement? Only the roofing experts will know for sure. In this blog, the Tuscaloosa roof replacement team at PRN Roofing will discuss signs that you sho…Read More

  3. Ways To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

    When homeowners think about energy efficiency, they’re usually concerned with light bulbs, kitchen appliances, and televisions. However, a large chunk of your energy efficiency has to do with the home itself — especially the roof. If your roof is in poor shape, you could be spending 50 percent m…Read More

  4. Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

    A solid asphalt shingle roof will last you for up to two decades, with proper maintenance. But just like an old car or the iPhone 4 you’ve had for the past decade, there’s a certain point where it makes sense to turn in Old Faithful for a newer, younger model. In this blog, the Tuscaloosa roofin…Read More

  5. Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

    It’s easy to see the signs that you need a roof replacement. But it’s extremely difficult to find the right roofing contractor in Tuscaloosa to get the job done. At best, you get an experienced and professional crew that answers all of your questions, uses the best materials, and gives you a roo…Read More