Are you a self-starter? Can you do “Whatever it takes?”
Are you a problem solver?
Are you looking for an opportunity to be compensated for your successes?
Are you looking to become a key player in the growth and expansion of a multimillion-dollar company?

If so, PRN Roofing may be a place for you to thrive.

PRN Roofing is a specialist in the multi-family and commercial industry. Our 45+ years of combined experience has made us well versed in large scale roofing operations. We have been valuable to our customers for providing cost effective roof options for all roofing types as well as assistance in re-positioning of properties, and inspections during the due-diligence process.

We travel nationwide, and pride ourselves on completing projects in a quick turn-around time: using organization and mobilization of many moving parts to complete our projects in a short time frame. Ordering materials, equipment, and scheduling labor are all inter-twined in an effort to minimize inconvenience for our customers.

Our on-site management provides less of an inconvenience for our customers by making sure deliveries and labor are performed quickly and efficiently. Our office staff is dedicated to pre-planning projects to ensure accurate and efficient operations, as well as handling anything that comes up while in process.

Whatever your skill-set, there is an opportunity for motivated individuals looking to better their situations!



On-site Project Manager

This position manages the day to day aspect of a project. From Crew management, material order/delivery and staging, to questions on installation and clean-up. This position is a liaison between the Management and on-site personnel.


Outside Sales Rep

This position is to tasked to acquire new customers. The outside sales rep uses their personality and strengths to acquire new contracts. Pay is based on the amount of revenue brought in.-the more you sign up, the more money you make.


Administrative Assistance (Office & Accounting)

This position is for someone that can wear many hats. From accounting and book-keeping to material orders and labor scheduling. This office role is instrumental in the success of day to day operations.


Operations Manager

The operations manager is the overseer of many arms of the company. The operations manager keeps up with the on-site project managers, outside sales reps, as well as the job prep. The Operations Manager is able to inspire and lead several members of the team to operate efficiently and effectively. This individual is responsible for multiple projects at any given time.

Creative Director (Photo/Video, Social, Marketing)

This position is for someone with a specific talent set. The Creative Director would travel to multiple jobs creating content to use later in photo and video editing. This individual would also be used to create digital content for social media and marketing.