1- “I looked at my ROOF & didn’t see any PROBLEMS”

Not all WIND DAMAGE is visible from the ground! The roofing system needs to be inspected by someone with experience, training and the knowledge about tile roof systems that can identify the factors involved with wind damage to make sure your home is protected for years to come.

2- “How does DISCONTINUED Tile qualify me for a NEW ROOF?”

Tile becomes discontinued when the manufacturer changes the mold for this tile. The problem with this is when you have a tile from the new mold it will not interlock and match up with the old discontinued tile. Per the FLORIDA BUILDING CODE, MATCHING STATUTE “§ 626.9744, which states if it’s not possible to repair the damage so it matches the undamaged portion in quality, size or color and if the new tile does not match up with the old tile it qualifies for a new roof system. This is how one broken, discontinued tile will get your entire roof covered by the insurance carrier.


You may hear us mention your tile roof has wind uplift, what is WIND UPLIFT after all? According to FLORIDA BUILDING CODES protocol tile uplift testing application TAS No. 106 “IF THE TILE LIFTS UP MORE THAN 2 INCHES or THE TILE SEPARATES FROM THE ADHESIVE, UNDERLAYMENT OR MORTAR” it has failed the uplift test and it qualifies for a full replacement covered by the insurance carrier.

4- “My Insurance company will raise my rates/premiums”

Insurance companies cannot raise an individual property owner’s rates due to an “Act of God” claim. This claim is a “No Fault” claim because it could not be prevented. If you file a claim it will not cause your rates to go up! However, you are in an area affected by the natural disaster. If you do not file an insurance claim, you may still see an increase in your insurance premium with your next renewal, so you may think about moving forward with your claim.

5- “None of my tiles are missing or broken”

Wind damage is the most common culprit of uplifted tiles. High winds from a hurricane can often lift theses tiles and compromise the tile roof and underlayment system. However, an uplifted tile may not physically cause ROOF LEAKS for many years after a storm making it important to inspect the roof system for more than just missing or broken tiles!

6- “My insurance company said I just need a REPAIR

This is the most common thing we are seeing. Many homeowners have been intentionally misled by their insurance companies. While insurance adjusters are claiming you just need a repair and that the repairs are less than your deductible and this is not true! This tactic from the insurance companies is saving them millions each and every year.

If you have had a repair to your roof it is not too late, in many cases, we can use the cost of the repairs against the deductible of your new roof system! Many of our customers in your area have recovered full replacement cost benefits from their insurance company even after the repairs have been completed on their roof.

A PATCH JOB REPAIR IS NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION! If your roof has wind damage you will experience leaks in the future. Each tile has fasteners at the top and when the wind lifted the tile it loosened all the fasteners across the roof system and this is where you will experience the leaks in the future. There is no way to “repair” this issue as it is across the entire roof system!

7- “Will I be charged for the 3rd Party Law Firm?”

If needed we provide a 3rd party law firm that will assist up in representing your case and getting your new roof system approved by the insurance carrier FREE of charge to the homeowner. This firm has represented 100’s of clients in the area to get their “Repairs” or “Denials” turned into full roof replacements!