As with thermal energy roofing inspections that we examined in detail in our last blog post, roofing innovations are changing the way that we think about roofs. Instead of just being a shelter over our heads, roofs are now being put to work. In this blog post by PRN Roofing, the best local roofer in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area, we’ll review come cool innovations in roofing. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!


  • Cool roofs. Traditionally, roofs have used tar and asphalt as a surface covering underneath your shingles. A darker material absorbs heat, which increases the temperature of your roof. This results in higher energy costs, especially in the summer when you want a cool home. Cool roofing systems ditch the tar and asphalt altogether and opt for a light colored membrane. These light colored membranes reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, resulting in cooler roofs and less energy costs overall.
  • Green roofs. Green roofs have become all the rage in urban areas. Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is where urban areas are significantly warmer than the surrounding areas outside of the city because of human activities and large buildings that trap heat in. Green roofs are roofs that are green. They are planted with grass and flowers, which turns a bare roof into a garden oasis. These roofs actually remove heat from the air and reduce temperatures of the roof’s surface and surrounding air. These living roofs act as a shade from the heat and the plants themselves absorb the heat, not the roof.
  • Blue roofs. The goal of blue roofs is to collect the rainwater as it runs off your roof instead of allowing it to go into the sewer system as runoff. Blue roofing is often integrated with green roofs in order to help with the watering of the plants on green roofs. Blue roofs mitigate stormwater runoff, which can be a big problem in areas with a combined sewer system and storm water system. If a sudden rainstorm hits, thousands of gallons of untreated sewage can be released into the waterways, as well as garbage and contaminants be flushed into the system as well. Blue roofs slow down stormwater, help keep buildings cooler, and when collected, can provide fresh rainwater for a variety of uses that is much more effective than having to go through water treatment plants. Ask PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa about blue or green roofs.
  • Weather resistant barriers. Called housewrap when first invented in the 1950s, weather resistant barriers weren’t really used in roofing until the 1980s. Made out of mostly composite or synthetic materials, these barriers provide an extra layer to your roof to keep out the weather, such as wind, rain, and snow. In addition, these weather-resistant barrier have a permeable quality so air can still flow, which helps with the heating and cooling of your roof and allows for any moisture that does infiltrate your roofing system to quickly be evaporated. Picture this barrier as a giant yoga mat beneath your the roofing material of your roof.
  • Solar roofing. Solar roofing is one of the most exciting technological advances in the roofing industry. With Tesla’s commitment now in solar shingles, solar roofing is on the cusp of exploding in popularity due to its improved performance and improved price point. With the emphasis on reducing humans’ carbon footprint on the planet, capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into usable energy for your home without carbon emissions is reason enough to invest in solar roofing. Given the fact that you will virtually eliminate utility costs and could sell excess energy back to the solar grid, solar roofing is one technology that pays for itself.


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