When was the last time you paid attention to your roof? Chances are it was the last time you had roof damage. In this blog, the Tuscaloosa roof repair experts at PRN Roofing will discuss the three most common causes of roof damage. Be aware of these causes, and keep your roof in good shape by calling PRN Roofing today.


Wind, rain, snow, hail, hurricanes, tropical storms, heat, sunshine — these are all types of weather that can cause damage to your roof. We get it — your roof is supposed to handle the tough weather so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, in the battle between weather and your roof, weather always wins.

People in the South have to pay extra attention to the state of their roofs, especially during storm season. Heavy roof damage from high winds and heavy rain can result in flooding, property damage, missing shingles and more.

If you notice your roof has wind damage or leaks after a big storm, call the roof repair experts immediately. With the right repairs, you’ll be ready to go for the next storm that rolls through.


All it takes is a pesky squirrel, a determined rat, or a deceptively strong bird to break through your shingles and cause roof damage. Critters off all kinds can break into your home through shingles, soffits, roof holes, sheathing, and vents, giving them immediate access to your attic and all that it holds. Once these animals nest in your home, you’ll having a roofing problem and a pest control problem on your hands.

When the world deals you some creepy crawly critters, call your local pest control team first — then call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for breached areas. With that right repairs and a few roofing upgrades, you’ll have a strong and sturdy roof that keeps pests where they should be: outside.


Across the country, this is the number one cause of roof damage. “Out of sight, out of mind” is unusually true in this case; while some people keep tabs of their roofs, most people only notice their roof when something is going wrong.

Neglecting your roof is the biggest mistake you can make. You might think you’re saving hundred of dollars by skipping out on regular roof maintenance, but you’ll end up paying ten times as much down the road. All those quick fixes that cost 50 or 100 bucks will end up costing you 1500 bucks if you let them spiral out of control.

The best times to get roof maintenance are before storm season and after storm season — that way, you know your roof is prepared for the storm and taken care of after it. Choose a local roofing contractor that’s established in your community to keep your roof ship-shape.

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