When the temperatures soar here in Alabama and the humidity becomes unbearable, all you want to do is retreat to a nice, cool place, preferably your home. Here, you can sit in comfort, performing your daily tasks or work without having to worry about sweat pouring down. At PRN Roofing, we help homeowners and business owners by providing the perfect roofing solutions. From roof repairs to roof installation services, we’ve got the best local roofers with the best roofing materials to give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted in your home or business.

In this continuing series of looking at attic fans and whole-house fans, we’ll examine whether you should invest in an attic fan for your home or office. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!


Attic fans are installed typically in the roof of your home with the purpose of helping to ventilate your roof and make it cooler, by drawing in cooler air and pushing the hot air out. Some of the benefits of attic fans include:

  • Decreases the temperature in your home. Many people think that an attic fan is not needed if you have air conditioning installed in your home or office. PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa points out that one of the main benefits of an attic fan is that it helps lower the temperature in your home, reducing the need of your air conditioning to run full force. If you run an attic fan during the day, you can reduce the air temperature of your attic by as much as 50 degrees. This can them help cool your home — sometimes by as much as 10 degrees — since that heat is not sitting on your ceilings.
  • Works in conjunction with your air conditioning. Since your home is now cooler due to the attic fan moving air out of your attic, your air conditioning won’t be running as much, thereby saving on electricity costs, perhaps by as much as 30%. Attic fans require way less electricity to run than do air conditioning units, and with modern timers and thermostats, you can have your attic fan running only when needed. Attic fans can also be hooked up to solar cells, which could save you even more in electricity costs.
  • Prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit. Since your air conditioner won’t have to work nearly as hard to cool your home, you will extend the life of your air conditioner and will cut down on air conditioning repairs as well.
  • Prolongs the life of your roof. PRN Roofing, your local roofing company in Tuscaloosa, loves to help you with your roofing installations. However, we also love to save you money. When you invest in an attic fan for your home or office, you’ll prolong the life of your roof, saving you a lot of money. Attic fans not only remove hot air, but they also remove any excess moisture in your attic that could cause damage. Moisture encourages mold and mildew growth, something you definitely do not want to happen.


If you decide to install an attic fan in your roofing system, you’ll note that they are installed in your roof shingles and use very little energy. Installing an attic fan should be done by a professional. Some people mistakenly believe an attic fan install is a simple process. However, there are many things that can go wrong with ventilation in your attic that could actually cause you to lose energy rather than save energy. One common mistake PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa sees is too much insulation installed in the attic that can block the air flow. Another common DIY problem is having your air conditioned air sucked into your attic. Choose the experts when installing an attic fan.

There are many benefits to adding in an attic fan and using it in conjunction with your existing cooling system. You’ll need to ensure your ductwork is sealed off from the attic to prevent air conditioned air from being sucked into your attic, and your attic will need enough vents. We recommend having a free roof estimate done on your home by one of our expert roofers who can then discuss the details of attic fans and if it would work for your situation. Call PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa today for more details and to get started!