Roof inspections are one of the many ways that you’ll hear people say that you can save money with your roof. If you’ve never had one, however, it can be extremely challenging to understand how having a roofing professional come out and inspect your roof could, in fact, save you money.

The truth is that your roof is a major part of your home, making it a major piece of the finances that you’re paying for your home as well. Not only is this inclusive of things like homeowners insurance and mortgage payments, but it includes electric bills and the like.

If you’re interested in learning about how you could potentially save some money by scheduling a roof inspection, keep reading because we’re about to tell you!

Lost Shingles

A missing shingle here and there never seems like a big deal because they can easily be replaced. While that may be the case, very few people realize the type of damage that can follow when too much time goes between the shingle falling off and the replacement itself. Missing shingles that fail to be replaced in a timely manner make for an easy way to invite all sorts of problems into your home.

For starters, missing shingles can lead to moisture building up in your attic space and the wooden frame that holds your roof. Both of these wind up leading straight to water damage, which in turn often brings mildew and algae to the table. So what started as a small, easy problem to have on your hands has now become a bigger problem that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you know that you’re missing shingles on your roof, have a roofing contractor come out and inspect the space so that you can get this problem taken care of sooner than later.

Corroded, Warped, Damaged Shingles

We just finished talking about missing shingles and how they can be a sign of greater damage within your roof. Missing shingles, however, is not the only sign that there are issues with the roof over your head. The saying goes that the overall appearance of your roof can tell you a lot about the overall health of your roof. So, if you are noticing that there are corroded, warped, cracked or damaged shingles on your roof — what does that say about the health?

Damaged shingles are a major sign that your roof is not performing as great as it could be. Now, performance is determined in a few different ways. This encompasses everything from the way that your roof manages moisture to the efficiency of energy that it provides. When your roof isn’t in good condition, it isn’t able to do anything very well.

Having a roofing contractor point these types of issues out to you can be daunting at first, but in the end, it can save you money. When you have a roof where you don’t have to worry about leaks or lost energy, you aren’t tossing extra money to compensate for the damage that broken shingles can do. After a while, you save yourself some money and pay the worth of the roof off.

Damaged or Clogged Gutters

While your gutters may not feel like an immediate part of your roof, they do contribute to the well being and health of your roof. Though most people are fully aware of how important it is to have gutters cleaned regularly, it’s not uncommon that we find clogged or damaged gutters during an inspection.

Clogged gutters rarely seem like a big deal until someone is suffering from the consequences. What seems like an extra chore to add to your weekend to-do list could actually be what keeps your home in good condition for years to come. You see, the entire purpose of your gutters is to ensure that water build up is not something that your roof experiences. When there is an excess of water on your roof, you’re much more susceptible to leaks and water damage. If the water continues to build up, it eventually soaks into the wood of your house and can damage the foundation.

Now that you understand why it’s important to stay on top of your gutters being cleaned, do you see how even the tiniest insight of having to clean or repair your gutters from a roofing contractor could be beneficial? It’s being able to catch these smaller problems that allow for us to save you some money in the long run.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection

We’ve only listed a few of the ways that scheduling a roofing inspection can provide you with beneficial insight that leads to saving money, but they’re far from being the only ways that a roof inspection can save you some money in the long run. Here in Tuscaloosa, the weather that we experience can be extremely rough on our roofs, leaving them with damage that we may never be aware of until it’s too late. Don’t let your roof or worse, your home, suffer from a lack of knowledge on the condition and well being of your roof and its structure.

Now that you know how you can save money by having your roof inspected, it’s time to get yours scheduled. The team at PNR Roofing has been fortunate enough to provide homeowners throughout the Tuscaloosa area with the inspections that they need to properly care for their roofs. Contact us today and we can help you schedule your roof inspection in a timely manner so that you can start reaping the benefits.