Homeowner’s insurance is something that we talk about often in our blog, and it’s because we know that this is something that all homeowners have to deal with and want to get the absolute best deal on. We’ve spent some time touching on how your roof could affect your homeowner’s insurance, and what types of claims are most commonly made in regards to homeowners insurance and roofs, but today we’re going to touch on something new.

What if we told you that getting a new roof could actually lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance? Would you be curious? Well, if you’re considering getting a new roof, here are five different factors that you should take into consideration ahead of time. Each of these factors could contribute to a lower cost with your homeowner’s insurance. Let’s get started.


The materials that you choose for your roof are going to contribute to the overall cost of your homeowner’s insurance. As ridiculous as it may sound, your insurance company can say that the choice you made in roofing materials is actually going to require for you to pay more towards your homeowner’s insurance.

Though it may seem unfair that insurance companies do this, they do it to cover their butts too. Ultimately, they want to see that individuals have selected a material that is appropriate for their home and for the area that they live in.

There is a range of materials to choose from because of how they accommodate for different areas and varying temperatures. Make sure that the materials that you’re selecting for your new roof are a match with your needs. If you’re not entirely sure which material is best for your home, allow for the team of professionals that you’re working with to offer some guidance with your selection.


Once you’ve selected the materials for your new roof, you’ll want to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly. Even the highest quality of materials will do no good if they’re not properly installed. Any roof that wasn’t done correctly is destined to have a shorter lifespan and is much more likely to experience damage and problems.

Down the road, if a roof that has been improperly installed does experience any damage, they are less likely to cover it. Rather than suffer the consequences down the road, make sure that you’re turning to a certified roofer to install your roof. This will help ensure the job is done correctly and will also provide you with customer assistance and guidance as needed. You’ll be glad in the long run that you’ve hired a company that will properly install your roof when you see it take effect in your insurance quote and in the case of any damages.


Believe it or not, but showing that you’ve maintained and continue to maintain your roof is one of the ways that your roof can lower the cost of your insurance. Maintenance shows that you’re spending the necessary time to ensure that your roof is always in prime condition. By being negligent to your roof, you’re not preventing the chances of damage happening in which case the insurance company isn’t going to find a reason to then assist you with any damages done.

That being said, the routine maintenance that insurance companies are looking for isn’t setting the bar too high. Insurance companies want to see that you’re handling any damages that your roof does experience in a timely manner. This could be anything from cracked shingles to leaks, but the goal is that they’re taken care of as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, the main thing that your insurance company is going to want to see is that you’re getting your gutters cleaned — so that water build up isn’t an issue — and that you’re keeping an eye on any heavy branches. Both of these are suggested maintenance for all homeowners, so they should be something that you’re doing regardless. The good news is, doing so can help lower the cost of your insurance!


If you’ve ever had to deal with any insurance company, you know just how important a paper trail is. When it comes to your home, it’s always important that you have saved any and all paperwork associated with your roof. If you receive any repairs or you have any pieces of paperwork from either the insurance company or the roofing company — keep it! All paperwork will help out tenfold when it comes time to file a claim.

Reputable Company

As you may have assumed, finding a reputable company to deal with both the construction of your roof and your insurance is essential. Not only will working with reputable companies ensure that the job is well done, but it will ensure that you’re taken care of as a customer. At PRN Roofing, we do our absolute best to provide our customers with a roofing experience that is enjoyable, exciting and stress-free.

From the initial consultation to the construction process, our roofers work directly with you so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. If you ever have questions regarding materials, the installation process, maintenance or anything else, our team is always there to help. With years in the industry, we’ve truly perfected the process and hope to be the roofing company that you turn to.

If you’re ready to get started on your roofing project, reach out to our team in Tuscaloosa today. A member of our team will contact you in a timely manner, and we can get started on lowering your homeowner’s insurance cost through the steps that we’ve mentioned above!