In an earlier blog post, we discussed the benefits of a custom roof and offered up some ideas on how you can make your home unique through roofing options, such as roof paint and roof shape. In this blog post, PRN Roofing, the best roofing contractor in Tuscaloosa, will offer up more ideas on how to customize your roof not only to add value to your home, but to add value to your life. If you’re in need of a roof repair or a roof replacement service, contact us today for a free roofing estimate!



Humans have been fascinated with the sky ever since the dawn of humanity. We saw patterns in the stars, which saw the creation of constellations. We were fascinated (and sometimes terrified) by solar and lunar eclipses. Thunder and lightning storms continue to awe and amaze us even though they can be harbingers of destruction, downed power lines, and forest fires. In order to bring more of the outdoors in, skylights were invented. Skylights are in essence windows in your roof that allow more light from the sky into your home, as well as allow you to look out and view the incredible wonder of the night sky.

Skylights are not a new idea. In ancient times, natural light was for the most part all humans had to light their homes as oil for lamps was expensive. One of the most well-known skylights is the oculus in the Pantheon in Rome, which is basically an open-air hole in the top of the dome. Skylights are popular additions to your residential or commercial roof with one caveat: let the experts do the installing. Skylights are definitely not DIY projects. You have to be mindful of the placement of skylights in order to avoid structural compromises to your roof and the flashing and insulation have to be correct in order to avoid leaks. There are so many benefits to skylights, from increasing the value of your home to increasing the quality of your life, as natural light has been shown to help those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or the winter blues.


Chimneys hold a very affectionate place in our hearts. There’s something entirely comforting about a crackling fire on a long winter’s night that soothes our souls. You can stare for hours at the dancing flames, contemplating your life and making decisions, or thinking of nothing at all but the present moment, enjoying the purr of your cat and the taste of hot chocolate as it warms your insides. Chimneys invoke romantic moments as well as couples sit in front of the fire and relish one another’s company as they wind down from the hardships of their day.

Chimneys rank as a top selling point for potential buyers for these very reasons. Like with skylights, PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa recommends you hire a professional roofing company to install your chimney. A chimney install is a big project and definitely one you don’t want to mess up. You may even need to hire a couple of contractors to install a chimney as this is a highly skilled project. That being said, a chimney install is entirely worth the price when you sit down after a long day at work, and just be.


There’s something entirely classic in the dormer window. Derived from a French word meaning “sleeping room,” dormer windows were originally designed to provide light and air flow for bedrooms in the upper stories of homes and in attics. Dormer windows have been popular for centuries, and there are almost as many types of dormer windows as there are roofing types, form gable fronted dormers to bonneted dormers. A defining characteristic of dormers is that they protrude from the roof and usually enlarge a room, making it suitable for living quarters.

Another major roofing project that requires a call to your local roofer, such as PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa, dormer windows may require a reconfiguration of your roofing rafters, as well as the right angle. Dormer windows add value to your home, useable living space, and an aesthetic appeal, as well as a customized look for your roof. Dormers can be an alternative to skylights. They tend to be a bit bigger than skylights, let in more light, and create space. Adding in a dormer window to your existing roof or to your new construction residential or commercial roofing project promises to light up your world.


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