Selling your house can be extremely stressful. As if the process wasn’t challenging enough, you are guaranteed to experience heightened levels of stress when you go through the inspection process and have every bit of your home torn apart. From the plumbing to the carpet, the inspector is going to find every little thing wrong with your home. One of the more significant points that an inspector could bring up is your roof. Here are a few of the ways that your roof could affect the value of your home.

Energy Levels

Something that homeowners are always taking into consideration now is how efficient their home can be. We’ve seen efficiency come into play with just about every component of the house; from the siding on the exterior to the quality of the windows, efficiency is truly considered with every piece that is used to construct the house. That being said, the roof is one of the larger pieces that also plays a part in efficiency.

When your house has an older roof, it’s not expected to yield very high-efficiency levels. This could lead to higher electric bills, poor insulation, and the like. If you have an older roof on your home, these are all things that you should anticipate hearing come inspection time.

Unwanted Guests

If you’re reading this point and you’re confused, then consider yourself lucky. Old roofs are one of the easiest ways for pests to make their way into a home and call it their own. Whether it’s a crack in the shingles or a separation that’s happened with the roof and the home, any opening serves as an excellent entryway for pests to make their way in — along with various other issues that are far from your favor. We’ll get to those in our next point, but pests are something that are sure to be brought up when you have an older roof on your house.

Weather Damage

Tuscaloosa has had some intense storms over the last couple of years. Both hail and rain make for a weathered roof that can lead to more significant issues. If you haven’t had your roof replaced after any of the hail storms that we’ve endured, then there’s a good chance that there’s some serious damage already done. Not only can dense storms lead to damage on your roof itself, but in the long run, it’s these damages that can affect the overall well being of your home.

Even the smallest crack caused by hail can lead to a leak in the roof, which can mean a rotted foundation and water damage. If you are unsure of the condition of your roof in regards to weather damage, then your inspection could unveil more damages than you’d ever image — which is the last thing you want to deal with.

If you’ve recently realized that there has been damage done to your roof from a storm or the like, homeowners insurance will cover certain repairs. It’s better to reach out to your insurance company and see how they can help you before any leaks happen.

Age in Itself

Unlike fine wine, roofs don’t get any better with age. Whether your roof is in excellent condition or not, it’s age is going to be brought up during an inspection. The supplies used to construct your roof will weaken and rot, and it’s only a matter of time before the new homeowner has to replace the roof. Very rarely is that something that a new homeowner is going to want to take on and it could, in turn, affect the value of your home when listing it.

Along with that, old roofs have the chance of being damaged and causing problems. If you’re not looking to hear any of the points that we’ve mentioned above come your inspection time, it’s time to talk to a team of professionals about a new roof.

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