2017 proved to be a year of wins for the roofing industry and business owners. With new tax reform that benefits small businesses in particular, there’s never been a better time for a new commercial roof!

In this blog, PRN Roofing, your leading roofing contractors in Tuscaloosa, will break down new roofing industry tax reform, and show you how it can benefit your business now and in the future.

The Breakdown of IRC Sec. 179

Previously, you could only deduct $500,000 annually from your roofing investment. But now, you can deduct up to $1 million annually, and up to $1 million in the same year you make your roofing purchase. This update is permanent and indexed for inflation starting in 2019.

So what does this new tax update mean for your brick and mortar business and your books? Let’s take a look.

You’ll have incentives to replace your roof sooner.

If you can write off up to $1 million on roof replacement costs the year you get a new roof, you’ll either get some of that money back or knock a huge chunk off your tax bill, depending on your current tax situation. That’s more than enough to convince business owners to splurge on a new roof sooner rather than later.

You’ll potentially get a better ROI.

Depending on your current tax situation, taking a larger deduction earlier on can help your business be more fruitful in the short-term, and ultimately, increase your ROI on your roofing project. This tax decision is being celebrated by small businesses because it gives them more financial flexibility while making it more feasible to focus on roofing improvements when they need them the most.

You’ll save money in other ways.

A new roof might have its tax benefits — but it’ll help you save money in other ways as well. A commercial roof replacement can save you 15 percent on your monthly energy bill by keeping outdoor air out and indoor air in. HVAC operations count for over 26 percent of a commercial building’s energy consumption, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — so the more you can do to make your HVAC system work easier, the more money you will save.

Choose Alabama’s Trusted Roofing Specialists

There’s never been a better time to replace the roof of your commercial building. Whether it’s the tax breaks, the energy savings, the improved business appeal, or the resale value, a new commercial roof will almost certainly pay for itself.

For your new roof, choose the professionals at PRN Roofing. With free inspections, top-tier roofing services, and a 100% Quality Guarantee, you’ll rest easy knowing you have a roof (and a roofing team) that will save you money and stand the test of time. Don’t wait to take advantage of the savings — schedule a free consultation with PRN Roofing today.