When homeowners think about energy efficiency, they’re usually concerned with light bulbs, kitchen appliances, and televisions. However, a large chunk of your energy efficiency has to do with the home itself — especially the roof. If your roof is in poor shape, you could be spending 50 percent more per month than you would with a new roof. That’s a lot of money being wasted.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your roof and save money on your monthly energy bill. In this blog, PRN’s roofing contractors in Tuscaloosa will share some tips and tricks for how to make your roof more airtight and efficient than ever before. You might have to spend some money to improve your efficiency, but these tweaks almost always pay for themselves!

No. 1: Lighten up your roof.

There seems to be an obsession with dark grey and black roofing shingles in the the world of curb appeal and in the roofing industry — and for no good reason. Dark asphalt shingle roofs absorb tons of heat which can make it difficult to cool your home in the summer months, which will ultimately lead to higher energy bills and an exhausted HVAC system.

Here’s a slightly better, alternative option: pick out shingles in a lighter shade once you need to get your home reroofed. The lighter color will absorb less heat and make it easier to regulate your home’s temperature — something that can save you thousands on energy costs over the lifespan of your roof. Plus, you’ll have a fresh and unexpected look that’s different than every other house in your neighborhood.

No. 2: Insulate your attic.

According to the US Department of Energy, up to 40 percent of a home’s energy is lost through poor insulation. If your insulation is old, wet, or falling apart, most of your home’s conditioned air is escaping straight through your roof. To drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s definitely worth it to invest in new insulation.

While fiberglass insulation is a suitable option, let us recommend spray foam insulation instead. Closed-cell spray foam insulation has a higher R-Value (R6 or R7) than traditional forms of insulation (usually R3), which means fewer thermal heat waves can pass through your roof and, as a result, spike your monthly energy bill. Plus, it takes up half the space of traditional insulation while doing twice the insulating work.

Spray foam insulation should be left to the professionals — a poor installation can be costly in terms of wasted materials and higher energy bills. Call your local specialists to get this job done right.

No. 3: Get frequent roof maintenance.

It only takes one roofing problem to tank your home’s energy efficiency. Whether it’s missing shingles, damaged flashing, or roof leaks, roofing issues can make your HVAC system work harder, and allow precious, conditioned air to slip out of your home. The worst part? You won’t notice month-over-month increases in your energy bills for three or four months.

To make sure your roof is always doing its job right, have a roof contractor perform regular roof maintenance. They’ll perform a thorough inspection, make quick repairs, and give you recommendations for how to keep your roof in good shape for years to come. Roof maintenance and repairs don’t cost too much, especially when you think about how much you’ll save on utilities each month. It’s almost like it’ll pay for itself.

No. 4: Get a roof replacement.

Sometimes, your roof is too far gone to do your energy efficiency any favors. Older roofing materials make it increasingly difficult to control your home’s temperature over time, which can leave you with huge energy bills and the potential for roof leaks and water damage.

At a certain point, it just makes sense to replace your roof entirely. You won’t have to worry about water leaks, you’ll lose less energy through your roof and attic, and you’ll improve your curb appeal in one fell swoop. It might seem like an expensive venture, and it is. But it could be exactly what you need to cut your energy bills in half and improve your home’s energy efficiency today and in the future.  

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