Spring is in the air. The robins have returned. The birds are singing. Nests are being built. Soon, baby animals will grace the earth for the first time. Tulips will bloom. Grass will green. And trees will bud. With the longer days and the air of anticipation, many people embark on spring cleaning projects, such as cleaning their garage or going through their closets. They air out their rugs. They open their windows to relieve their house of stale air. Also, many people resume their home improvement projects in the spring. The warmer weather allows concrete to be laid, fences to be built, and tree branches to be trimmed.

Another home improvement project often begun in the spring is house painting. After all, paint needs to dry, which requires warmer weather, limiting exterior paint jobs to the warm months of the year. PRN Roofing is not only the best local roofing company, but we’re also the best local house painting company in Tuscaloosa. Now is the time to beat the rush and book your house painting today. Below, we’ll list some of the reasons to consider scheduling your house painting!


  • The weather is perfect. The weather is neither too warm nor too cold, which is important for the professional painters as well as for the exterior paint, which yields the most durable and protective finish under these weather conditions. Paint does not do well with moisture, snow, rain, mildew, humidity, and ice when mixed, so once the spring rains have come and gone and the weather is warming, it’s time to paint your home.
  • You’re going to list your home for sale this summer. The color of your home is arguably the first thing potential buyers notice when pulling up to a house. Paint color can make your home look vibrant, alive, and inviting, or it can make your home look drab and unappealing. A new exterior paint job for your home will brighten your home for potential buyers, who are likely to pay more for a home if it looks well-maintained.
  • Exterior paint prevents expensive repairs. Paint is more than just for aesthetics. Paint forms a barrier between your home and the elements and insects attempting to invade your home. Paint protects your home against premature aging, rotting, and disrepair, which are expensive to fix once ingrained.
  • Protection against the elements. Paint protects against the elements of rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind. Moisture is the big factor here, which can soak into wood, allowing mildew and mold to thrive, which can cause rot as well to your wood.
  • Notice home repair needs. How often do you examine your home’s exterior? Probably not so much. When you have your home professionally painted by a local roofing company such as PNR Roofing, you’re essentially having the exterior of your home inspected for maintenance issues for free. Our professional painters know the signs of trouble with your siding or home exterior and can catch problems before they progress.


  • Paint is flaking, peeling, or bubbling. The paint on the exterior of your home takes a beating from the weather and from the powerful UV rays of the sun. If you find your home’s exterior paint is chipping, flaking or peeling, it’s time for a new paint job. However, if you’ve let it go this long, you may need to do preparatory work ahead of time to ensure your wood is in the right condition for the paint to bond to.
  • Caulking dried out. If your paint’s caulking is dried out, breaks, or is brittle, you’ll need to at a minimum have your caulking re-done by an expert. Caulking keeps moisture out, preventing mold and mildew growth.
  • Your house paint has faded. Paint naturally fades under the sun’s powerful UV exposure, since the sun can penetrate the paint and change its chemical composition. Make sure when painting your home to choose the best quality exterior paint to withstand such exposure.
  • Faded paint on one side of the house. Faded paint is always an indication something is wrong and needs to be fixed. If paint is faded on one side of the house and not the other, often it’s an indication of water penetration and needs to be addressed right away. Also, if you see paint dripping, water has penetrated as well.
  • It’s been a while since you’ve painted your home. The average length an outdoor paint job on your home’s exterior will last is five to seven years. If you haven’t had your home repainted and it’s been seven years, you need to repaint to fend off any damage before it occurs. Your home won’t need to be prepped due to flaking or chipping, saving you that money.


  • Light yellow. Yellow is a happy color. A warm, soothing yellow invites people in and gives people a comforting feeling inside.
  • White. A white house is classic and appeals to everyone, so it’s a good color to choose to paint your home if you’re selling. Use trim colors to make the white pop, such as red.
  • Gray. Gray suits any mood, any climate, any weather, and looks good in the neighborhood. It’s a classic neutral color that appeals to potential homebuyers.
    Light blue. A baby blue or a light blue evokes very similar feelings to light yellow. It’s a happy color, and promotes optimism and warmth.
  • Blue-gray. Blue-gray combines two popular colors to promote serenity and relaxation.
  • Forest green. Many people’s favorite color is green, so seeing a tasteful green home is exciting. It’s not boring and can be different enough in the neighborhood to make it stand out but not in a gaudy way.

PRN Roofing specializes in residential painting and commercial painting. We’ll paint your home or business to offer structural integrity, appeal to the eye, and be a pleasure to come home to or go to work at. Choosing neutral, warm, inviting colors is good for the soul as well as for the pocketbook. We choose the best exterior paint to get the job done, leaving you with a wonderful looking home and taking all the mess we make with us. We’ll inspect your home as we paint for any signs of damage, including your roof. We offer free estimates for roof repairs as well, so if you can’t remember the last time you replaced your roof, you can schedule a roof inspection with one of our trusted roofing specialists. Contact PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa to schedule your spring paint job today!