Roofs are similar to your skin: you don’t notice it until there’s something wrong. You are alerted to a rash on your skin because it itches. You’re alerted to a roofing problem when you notice a water mark on your ceiling.

Roofs, being foundational to a healthy home, should be inspected once a year to ensure nothing is lurking unseen. Because the last thing you want is thousands of dollars of damage to your new wood floors because of a roofing problem that could have been avoided.

PRN Roofing, a roof leak repair company in Tuscaloosa, will inspect your roof, looking for any signs of damage. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to look up occasionally and think about your roof as well. Here are common signs your roof may need to be inspected.


  • Overhanging branches. In a powerful windstorm or hail storm, your tree branches hanging over your home become like twigs and can snap, falling on the roof. At a minimum, this can cause damage to your shingles. Worst case scenario, you’re left with a huge hole in your roof with hopefully no one in the home hurt. Have your branches trimmed that are in danger of falling on your home during a storm.
  • Power lines. A lot of newer homes do not have overhanging power lines since utility companies are moving towards underground utilities. However, if you do have overhanging power lines, be aware of them during a storm. Live lines are electric hazards as well as fire hazards and their placement around your home should be monitored regularly.
  • Ice. You’ve probably seen the houses with icicles hanging off the roof. Beautiful to behold; dangerous to your roof. These are sheets of ice built up on your roof that, when they melt, can form an ice dam, preventing melting snow and water from draining off your roof and blocking your gutters. The water that backs up behind the dam can pool and can leak into your home, causing major damage to your walls, ceiling, insulation, floors, etc.
  • Termites. We all know termites eat wood. You may ask “But I have a slate roof or a metal roof. Why should I worry about termites?” Odds are, if your roofing material is not wood, some support beneath it is, such as the roofing frame. Ceiling rafters, roof beams, eaves and other wooden structures are all fair game in the termite world and are excellent places to set up a colony (after all, it’s dry and protected from the elements, right?). Some signs of termites include: loose roof tiles or roof shingles, bubbling in your ceilings, wood that appears to have been eaten away, and any live or winged termites you might glimpse.
  • Bats. Bats are a boon to any neighborhood, feeding on the thousands of mosquitoes and other nuisance bugs. However, bats can roost in your attic and roof — all they need is a way in and out, which would be any hole, crack, or crevice. Bats leave telltale signs if you suspect bats are roosting in your attic or roof. Check rooflines and spots behind downspouts or gutters for rub marks which is the oil and dust from their fur as they fly in and out. Guano can smell up the house as well as leave urine marks. However, some bats are protected species and it is illegal to block off their entry point into your home. Wildlife experts or pest control companies specializing in bats will need to be called to ensure you are following the law where you live.
  • Old roofs. Roofs, like everything on this planet, degrade over time. Not repairing your roof when needed or replacing it when needed can lead to costly damage on down the road. If you can’t remember the last time you had your roof inspected, or if you’ve been living in your home longer than 10 years and not had your roof inspected, call PRN Roofing in the Tuscaloosa area today for a roof inspection. A roof is too important to the health of your home to ignore.
  • Moisture. Most of us don’t think of moisture build up in our roofs until a spot appears in the ceiling. Oftentimes, this is a late-term sign of damage to your roof, indicating serious roof repairs need to be undertaken. The Gulf Coast and the southern states are moist, humid climates, which means water is always a danger to your roof. High winds can force moisture under your shingles and deteriorate them. Mold thrives in wet environments, and a leaky roof with undetected pooling water is a perfect breeding ground for harmful mold growth. Spores from mold can travel quickly through your ventilation system, spreading to rooms where they can be inhaled, which causes a myriad of ailments and conditions for humans.

In the 21st century, Americans are spoiled. Our homes and roofs are the strongest and sturdiest they’ve ever been compared to centuries ago. Quality materials and craftsmanship allow homes to stand for decades, sometimes with little maintenance. However, it can be this exact complacency that is your undoing. Don’t take for granted that everything is fine with your roof.

PRN Roofing offers roof inspections for both residential roofs and commercial roofs. We’ll check every square inch of your roof, looking for leaks and damages, and we’ll inspect your gutters and siding as well. Even a tiny crack can quickly lead to a problemsome and costly leak. Contact the best local roofing company today for all of your roof inspections and roofing needs!