Every fall the deciduous trees, in an effort to survive the winter, stop making chlorophyll, which causes the leaves to die off. They turn brilliant colors of fire red, burning orange, and bright yellow — much to the delight of us humans. We even go on special excursions just to “see the colors.” It’s a part of fall that many like the most.

Homeowners, on the other hand, may see the turning of the leaves in a different manner — as work. All those leaves are now covering our lawns and sidewalks and everything in sight. They have to go somewhere; hence, the raking commences. Many a weekend is spent raking leaves and having them turned into mulch by many a homeowner.

Leaves, however, don’t just fall in your yard. They fall on your home as well and, as a consequence, end up in your gutters. Leaves in gutters are not a good thing; they prevent water from being routed off your roof when it rains or when snow melts, which could prevent a problem for your roof.

PRN Roofing, the best local roofing company in Tuscaloosa, offers gutter cleaning services to both residential and commercial roofing customers. No one really wants to waste a precious fall weekend cleaning gutters. However, if you do decide to not hire the best gutter cleaning company in Tuscaloosa, PRN Roofing, to clean your gutters, below are tips to help you clean your gutters more efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your weekend!


  • Prepare to get dirty. Leaves, especially leaves that have gotten wet, are dirty. Twigs and other debris that falls on your roof as well, including rain, harbors dirt. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, such as old jeans and a long-sleeve shirt you never wear, and invest in a good pair of utility gloves to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes from sharp branches.
  • Have the proper equipment, including a sturdy ladder. A sturdy ladder is the number one piece of equipment you’ll need when cleaning your own gutters. The number of people who fall off a ladder doing routine work around the house, such as hanging Christmas lights or cleaning their gutters is staggering. Over 164,000 people in the United States are treated in the emergency room from injuries related to ladder use and over 300 people a year die from falling from a ladder, most are less than 10 feet up, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. These are only the numbers that are reported. Homeowners who are unused to climbing on ladders and who don’t have a good ladder should definitely call PRN Roofing to have their gutters cleaned. We have experience using ladders properly and safely, and we’re efficient in cleaning gutters. Odds are, we can have your gutters spic and span in half the time you could do the job yourself — and all without getting dirty. Call us today for gutter cleaning services!
  • Invest in a scoop. If your son or daughter is not playing in their sandbox, grab their sand shovel to use in helping to scoop out all the debris in your gutters. Or, you can buy a metal scoop from your local hardware store. Having a scoop will not only save your hands, but will also save you time when cleaning out gutters.
  • Get a tarp. You are dressed in your work clothes, standing on your extremely sturdy ladder, and using your brand-new scoop to clean out your gutters. But where are you putting all of this debris? Enter an item almost as necessary to life as duct tape — the tarp. Tarps are cheap and having one spread out on your lawn in which to dump all of your gutter debris will not only save your lawn, but will save you headaches as you prepare to haul out all those leaves.
  • Flush the gutters. The important last step after you’ve cleaned out your gutters is to flush your gutters, using your garden hose. This is basically just running water down them to get the remaining gunk cleaned out. Don’t forget the downspouts as well. If your gutters are clogged, the water flow out will be hindered. In this case, remove the nozzle off your hose if you are using one. Then take your hose and work the hose up and down the spout until the clog is freed.One more thing: check for leaks in your gutters while doing this and walk around your home, inspecting all the gutters for correct attachments.


Investing in gutter covers will definitely slow clogging. Gutter clovers come in mesh screen varieties as well as clip-on grates, or porous foam. Consider the cost and maintenance of gutter covers, however, before investing in them.

Clogged gutters can lead to thousands of dollars in foundation damage and can negatively affect your siding and landscaping plants. Gutters should be cleaned at minimal once a year — more if you have overhanging trees or a big storm blows through. Having the proper equipment to clean your gutters is the most important step you can take. A small up-front preparation and cost will save you time and headaches when cleaning your gutters

PRN Roofing loves to help homeowners and commercial businesses do simple chores such as cleaning gutters, so they can more effectively focus on what they do best, such as taking care of their customers, or enjoying the weekend with their family and friends. We love helping others with the bigger chores as well, such as installing commercial roofing and residential roofing, replacing siding, and painting their home. Having a well-maintenanced home will not only raise the value of your home for resale purposes, but is vital to having a cozy place to come home to after slaying dragons at work. Contact PRN Roofing today for a free estimate on having your gutters cleaned as well as for all of your roof replacement needs!