Roofs are much more than just a piece of wood laid over your walls. There are many component parts that make up your roof that help it perform its main job of protecting you from the elements, keeping you warm in the winter, and enclosing a nice living space. PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa is the best local roofer, specializing in roof installation, roof inspection, and roof repair for residential, commercial, and multi-family homes and buildings. We also clean gutters, install and repair siding, and paint houses. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all exterior home needs. Contact us today, and continue reading to learn about the parts of your roof.


  • The decking (or sheathing) is a plywood layer that reinforces the structure of the roof and also provides a place for the shingles to rest and be nailed into.
  • The roof edge (or eaves edge) is the boards running along the edge of the roof. This is also called fascia.
  • The attic is the space underneath the roof. The main function of the attic is to ventilate the roof of heat in the summer and warm, moist air from your heating system in the winter.
  • The saddle is the term used for the area around structures protruding from your roof, such as a chimney or heating exhaust pipes, that helps to drain rainwater from around the structure.
  • The ridge is the name of the horizontal line along the top of the roof that usually divides it in two.
  • The valley is the name for the v-cut that occurs when two slopes or a roof come together.
  • The underlay membrane is a felt or fabric coating that protects the shingles from the wood decking and from adverse weather.
  • The eaves membrane serves a similar function as the underlay membrane, just for the eaves. It’s goal is to help protect against ice dams in the winter, where ice forms at the edge of the water, preventing melting ice from draining off your roof.
  • The drip edge is another measure to help prevent water from seeping through your roof.
  • Roof vents help to ventilate the attic space. Usually metal or plastic composites, roof vents help to capture the wind.
  • A deflector is a piece of cardboard or other synthetic substance that is inserted between rafters at least 2 inches under the decking to help allow for air flow.
  • The plumbing vent is a pipe in the roof that allows air to flow into the plumbing system to help with wastewater flow.
  • The flashing (or joint covers) is installed around chimneys, walls, roof vents, and plumbing vents that helps to divert water so it doesn’t penetrate the roof.
  • The shingles, tiles, metal, or other roofing material that is outside is the layer of the roof that you see.

Roofs are complicated yet integral pieces of your home that can give your home or office character, protection, and stamina for years. All the parts of your roof work together to protect you, your loved ones, and your customers from drips in the night and errant hail storms from nowhere. Roofs are integral to your home’s structure and, as thus, should be maintained and cared for, not ignored or forgotten.


PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa offers residential roof inspections as well as commercial roof inspections to spot any problems before they can cause major damage to your home or office complex. We look for leaks in all parts of your roof from the decking to the valleys and around the vents. We’ll check your caulking for cracks or damage. On shingles, we look for buckling, curling, blistering, or if they are missing or broken. We’ll check around your plumbing vents and roof vents to make sure the seal is intact. We’ll look for anything out of place, such as moss or lichen, which could indication that water has seeped into your roof.

PRN Roofing also offers gutter cleaning. As part of our residential and commercial roof inspections, we’ll check your gutters to see if they are clogged or overhanging from leaves. We’ll also check your downspouts for clearance. These are important to ensure water if properly draining where we want it to go to minimize damage to both your roof and your foundation. As a local roofing company that also offers siding installation, we’ll inspect your siding for you as well and see if there are any noticeable cracks or other signs of concern. Furthermore, as a top-notch house painting company, we’ll check your home or office’s paint for discolorations, peeling paint, and other signs your home needs to be painted.

At PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa, we aim to take care of every need of the exterior of your home. Contact us today!