When’s the last time you thought about your roof? If it’s never sustained damage and started leaking, you probably haven’t thought about it since the day you moved in — and even then, it wasn’t top of mind.

Now, you’re concerned your roof needs to be inspected, repaired, or replaced. Know that you’re not alone. As you notice shingles missing, potential leaks, or discover the age of your roof, you will want to get your roof taken care of as soon as possible. It can be tough to only see the cost of keeping your roof maintained, but imagine a future point in time where your roof fails. The physical damage done to your home and the emotional turmoil you and your family may experience is worth mitigating at the very least. You want your family to feel safe and comfortable in your home. Your roof is a vital piece to securing that feeling.

As your roofing contractor in Tuscaloosa, PRN Roofing wants to help. In this article, we’re going to share seven signs that your home needs a new roof. While you have dozens of choices in roofing professionals in the area. PRN Roofing is here for you, specifically. Our business is built around serving you and your roofing needs. That’s why we want to help you with this article and so much more.

When to Replace Your Roof

Examine the Interior

While most would think to start on the exterior of their home, you want to check your roof from the inside first (if you can). Grab a flashlight, and go up into your attic. Shine the light at the underside of the roof. Do you see any light escaping through your roof? Then, search the perimeter or your attic for wet spots or signs of water damage.

Check Your Paperwork

Once you’re done in the attic, go give your home improvement paperwork a review. See how old you roof is and when the last time it was inspected. This will tell you if you’re within range of a roof replacement without even having to get on your roof.

Examine Your Shingles

While PRN Roofing does not want you to get on your own roof — it’s a safety risk, we still want you to understand what you’re looking for if you do decide to climb the ladder. Check your roofing materials for missing, broken, or cracked pieces. For shingles, this will be quite obvious, seeing that shingles are installed in a specific pattern. For other materials, you may need to look a bit harder to find potential damage. What’s more, your roof should lie flat and not have any bubbles or bumps. If you see any of this, it’s time to give PRN Roofing a call for an inspection and roof repair.

Check Your Flashing

There’s more to your roof than just roofing materials. If you have any vents, skylights, or other features (most roofs do have these), you will want to check the flashing around those features. Flashing is what “connects” the roofing shingles to these features so that they do not leak. What’s more, the caulking seals the flashing to the feature, and then it’s laid underneath the roofing material to redirect water away, down the roof. If you notice any flashing missing, corroded or cracked caulking, or damaged flashing, it’s time you give a roofing contractor in Tuscaloosa like PRN Roofing a call.

Inspect Your Roof Slope

When a roof has rot, it sags near the middle. This means that as you look at your roof, the slope is not even from end-to-end. A sagging roof is a sign that you need to get it inspected as soon as possible. Rot may be an indicator that you have mold beneath your roof — and potentially elsewhere in your home. Protect your family, and get this taken care of immediately.

Survey for Moss

Do you notice moss in shaded corners or parts of your roof? This is a sign that your roof may have mold beneath it. While moss may make look agreeable, it’s a clear sign you’ve got moisture issues in and around your roof. Get your roof inspected and repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Investigate Your Roof Valleys

If your roof has valleys, these are the most important parts to investigate. The valley of a roof is where a majority of water is directed to send down the roof, through your gutters, and onto the ground. A roof valley that’s damaged can cause you a lot of problems in regards to the structural integrity of your home.

Do you think your roof is damaged? Give PRN Roofing a call today!