We’ve been taking a look at skylights in your home. Skylights have many benefits, such as adding natural lighting to your space and adds value to your home. In a previous blog post, we discussed several types of skylights. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at several more, so then you can decide which type of skylight is right for you.

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  1. Pyramid skylights. Pyramid skylights take their name because they are in a pyramid shape. They are typically seen on flat roofs, and they come in many slopes and styles for optimal customization. Pyramid skylights are built over a square opening and have four sides to them. PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa notes that the fun part of these skylights is that they can be multi-sided into polygon shapes. Here, they would be constructed over openings of six or eight, they can even be constructed over uneven openings. Pyramid skylights are great for businesses as they are not only cool to look at, but they let in more light than your average skylight.
  2. Hip ridge skylight. A hip ridge skylight is similar to a pyramid skylight except it is built over a rectangular opening instead of a square. This lets in more light and just gives your skylight an added dimension. The pitch is completely a style issue, unless there is a structural necessity that needs to be accommodated.
  3. Dome-shaped skylights. Dome-shaped skylights are some of the most beautiful skylights you will find. In order to achieve the dome shape, usually flexible plastic is used. PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa notes that dome-shaped skylights are unique because they spread the sunlight evenly over the entire room, illuminating the entire room with small streams of lights. These are a delight for children (and for adults) to see the light hitting surfaces. Because this skylight is made of plastic, it has two layers — one for protection and one for insulation. The outside layer is tinted, while the inside layer is clear. Dome-shaped skylights go well in bigger spaces, both commercial and residential, and are often seen in building lobbies or over something you want to highlight, such as a sculpture in a museum or a reflecting pool in a hotel lobby.
  4. Barrel vault skylight. You’re probably seen a barrel vault skylight when you’re walking between buildings or in an atrium or lobby of a commercial building. Barrel vault skylights cover about 80% of the roof area and are usually installed for practical purposes to light an area. These types of skylights are primarily for commercial uses to cover passageways, parking shelters, mall arcades, industrial buildings, medical walkways, or on college campuses. Barrel vault skylights save on electricity since they don’t require it during the daylight.
  5. Ridge skylight. Ridge skylights are often seen on buildings at the top on either side. They are designed to follow the sunlight as it moves in the sky so the light you receive stays consistent. They are installed in the same plane as the roof pitch, and they follow the ridge of the roof. Ridge skylights can also be installed on flat roofs and on vertical walls. These types of skylights are popular because they let in lot of light when compared to windows.


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