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  1. Benefits of Skylights for Your Roof

    PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa is passionate about roofs. We offer all types of roofing solutions for every type of customer, from residential, commercial, or multi-family. Whether you need your entire residential roof replaced or you are concerned about some water damage you just noticed on your ceiling…Read More

  2. Flashing in Roofing

    When you mention flashing in roofing, the first thing that comes to mind may be a fancy roofing accessory of some sort, such as a light that flashes or maybe even fancy trimwork. In fact, flashing in roofing serves to protect your home from leaks by sealing joints and opening. PRN Roofing is a comme…Read More

  3. How to Choose a Roof Design Incorporating La Sagrada Familia

    Roofs not only protect your home or business from the elements and offer shelter from the storms, but roofs can also add character to your building and stand out as magnificent pieces of art themselves. PRN Roofing in Tuscaloosa offers residential roofing installation and repair as well as commercia…Read More

  4. Common Roofing Mistakes

    Most people don’t know a lot about roofs. Let’s face it, there is just too much in this world to know everything, or even a little bit about some things. Most of us are specialists — doing one thing really well, a few things good, and the rest adequately. Luckily for us, there is someone who s…Read More

  5. 5 Reasons To Consider A New Roof In 2019

    As you think about the upcoming year, you might be making a few lists for improvements around the house. Perhaps that guest room will finally get a new coat of paint. Maybe you will install the patio you have been dreaming about for years. Whatever your home improvement list might be for 2019, there…Read More

  6. How a Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

    Roof inspections are one of the many ways that you’ll hear people say that you can save money with your roof. If you’ve never had one, however, it can be extremely challenging to understand how having a roofing professional come out and inspect your roof could, in fact, save you money. The truth…Read More

  7. Routine Maintenance You Should be Doing On Your Roof

    Being a homeowner is something that many of us work towards for years. While you may have a place to call home, there are also countless things that need to be done in order for you to have a home that you love. Weekend projects become a routine thing and the list of things that you need to keep up …Read More

  8. Repair or Replace?

    If there’s one thing you know, it’s that your roof has a problem. But is it going to be a quick fix, an extensive repair, or a complete roof replacement? Only the roofing experts will know for sure. In this blog, the Tuscaloosa roof replacement team at PRN Roofing will discuss signs that you sho…Read More

  9. Types of Roofing

    The Tuscaloosa roofing contractors at PRN Roofing have worked with all kinds of homeowners with all kinds of needs — and that means we’ve discussed all kinds of roofing materials. Many homeowners are looking for durability and longevity, others are looking for unrivaled beauty, and others need t…Read More